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1.  HuR function in disease, Srikantan, S.; Gorospe, M., Front Biosci (Landmark Ed) 2012, 17, 189-205.

2.  Multiple Functions of the RNA-Binding Protein HuR in Cancer Progression, Treatment Responses and Prognosis. Wang, J.; Guo, Y.; Chu, H.; Guan, Y.; Bi, J.; Wang, International journal of molecular sciences 2013, 14 (5), 10015-41.

3.  For additional HuR in Cancer Reviews at PubMED please click here.  

HuR Reviews and Resources
4.  A good resource to determine if your pathways mRNAs are regulated by HuR, TPP, or AUF  is the  ARESite.
5.  Biogrid is a Biological General Repository for Interaction Datasets of protein interactions curated from the primary biomedical literature.2 Biogrid shows HuR interactions with signal pathways.
6.  The NCBI HuR Resource page.
7.  HuR page at IHOP.
8.  HuR page at Genecard.
9.  HuR, Human Antigen R, ELAVL1, ELAV like protein 1, Hu antigen R, ELAV like,   publications at PubMed.   
10. Over view of HuR signals and functions at Wiki Genes
11. Recommended additional review of HuR.
12. HuR pictorial.
13. HuR described by the Protein Lounge
14. HuR and T Cell Activation
1.  AREsite: a database for the comprehensive investigation of AU-rich elements. Gruber, A. R.; Fallmann, J.; Kratochvill, F.; Kovarik, P.; Hofacker, I. L., Nucleic Acids Res 2011, 39 (Database issue), D66-9.

2.  The BioGRID interaction database: 2015 update, Chatr-Aryamontri, A.; Breitkreutz, B. J.; Oughtred, R.; Boucher, L.; Heinicke, S.; Chen, D.; Stark, C.; Breitkreutz, A.; Kolas, N.; O'Donnell, L.; Reguly, T.; Nixon, J.; Ramage, L.; Winter, A.; Sellam, A.; Chang, C.; Hirschman, J.; Theesfeld, C.; Rust, J.; Livstone, M. S.; Dolinski, K.; Tyers, M.,  Nucleic Acids Res 2014.

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